Best Iranian Makeup Artist : Nafise Ahmadi

Nafise Ahmadi V.I.P beauty salon and bride

Mrs. Nafise Ahmadi, with more than 18 years of specialized experience in the field of make-up, hairdressing and beauty, always tries to provide the highest level of quality and service to her lovely customers with experienced staff, up-to-date knowledge and global techniques. Acquiring numerous management and service titles is proof of this, our priority is always the quality and well-being of our customers.

Best Iranian Makeup Artist
Best Iranian Makeup Artist

about us :

Has more than 18 years of salon management experience and special services for brides with a business license.

Obtaining the ISO10004 license in 2018 in the field of customer satisfaction.

It has three business model plates of the country in 2015.

a country’s exemplary entrepreneur license in 2017.

and also has a business license of the country’s sample 2018.

and has a statue plate from Romania.

Obtaining national status in 2019.

Obtaining a plaque and medal from Brazil.

Earn points from the best Iranian and foreign professors.

Trainer and teacher of Mehrazin company.
Official instructor of Dubai Beauty Exhibition 2021.


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